Our Mission:


We are EverydayBME, three teams of biomedical engineers from around the world powered by the Whitaker International Program.


Our Programs

We are three teams working towards a common goal: fostering international collaboration amongst biomedical engineers.



Over the course of the next two years the Digital Storybook team will be building a series of social media accounts with written stories, photographs and video interviews from biomedical engineers from around the world.


The Whitaker High School Outreach Initiative organizes outreach events in high Schools across the United States. Whitaker alumni who volunteer for this initiative have the opportunity to lead visits at high schools and speak about their experience in BME research to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists.

WHITAKER alumni technical + career summit

The Whitaker Alumni Technical and Career Summit aims to bring together alumni for technical presentations, group breakout sessions and alumni networking. In addition to technical presentations, speakers may also discuss career insights and recommendations.


February 2019

I think there are a lot of limitations in the way that science is presented. The more we can offer exposure to grad students, post docs and laboratories in other countries the more great ideas we’ll have in medicine internationally.

Michael Sikorski, Whitaker Fellow to Spain | Watch Video


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Story & Approach

We are three Whitaker International Program Concluding Grant initiatives branded under the same name. We found each of our projects’ goals to overlap and that a unified approach would benefit the efforts of each of our teams.

Together, we have created what is EverydayBME to reach wider audiences and impact past, present and future generations of biomedical engineers.


Whitaker International Program

The Whitaker Foundation was created and funded by U.A. Whitaker upon his death in 1975.  His wife, Helen, who shared in his philanthropy during his lifetime, joined him in bequeathing a significant portion of her estate to the Foundation when she died in 1982. Throughout its history, the Foundation primarily supported interdisciplinary medical research, with a focus on biomedical engineering.  It contributed more than $700 million to universities and medical schools to support faculty research, graduate students, program development, and construction of facilities. Most of its efforts were directed toward the establishment and enhancement of formal educational programs and the support of especially talented students and faculty. 

After 30 years of support for the development of biomedical engineering in the United States, The Whitaker Foundation felt that it had achieved its primary objective of helping the American biomedical engineering field grow into a legitimate widespread discipline. In 2006, the Foundation ceased operations, and committed its remaining funds to a grant program focused on strengthening international collaborative links between young leaders in BME worldwide. Under the guidance of the a Steering Committee and the Institute of International Education, the Whitaker International Program is designed to bring international experience and insight to the field of biomedical engineering.

- Whitaker International Program


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Join us in the spreading of cultures and ideas in biomedical engineering. Volunteer to speak at a local high school.