Our Programs


Digital storybook

Over the course of 25 months (November 1, 2018 – November 30, 2020), the Digital Storybook team will be building a series of coordinated social media accounts – Twitter, Instagram and Facebook that will target BME trainees of all levels. Weekly posts (i.e. photographs and written stories; occasional video compilations) will feature stories about Whitaker alumni and their international host institutions as well as other industry pros in biomedical engineering.

Utilizing the Whitaker experience and network as a launching platform, our posts will offer our audience inspiration to pursue global studies and the opportunity to network with any individual or lab that agrees to be contacted. The project will culminate in a presence at BMES 2019 and 2020, where we will enthusiastically connect with our audience and feature select stories in a live interactive format.


whitaker Alumni technical + career summit

The purpose of the Whitaker Alumni Technical and Career Summit is to bring together Whitaker alumni from all years to share research ideas, exchange experiences for how the Whitaker experience has shaped our careers and outlooks and strengthen the network that the Whitaker program has established. This three day summit will consist of seminars, panels, breakout sessions, keynote speakers, and professional and extracurricular networking events.

This summit will be the first time all Whitaker alumni can network in person. The expected outcomes of this event include strengthening the community of experts that share a common interest in biomedical engineering abroad, commemorating the Whitaker program, and disseminating knowledge from a range of fields.


highschool outreach

We are looking to inspire the next generation of great biomedical engineers. We’re doing this through a series of speaking events at high schools across the United States.

The High School Outreach Initiative will coordinate with volunteers to identify schools in their area that could benefit from the visit while also providing reimbursements for their travel to the school. Volunteers are encouraged to speak about their experience as a Whitaker Fellow or Scholar because it highlights a very unique and exciting research opportunity that is often not communicated to high school students. We will also prepare sample BME curriculum that volunteers can use to make the visit more interactive and will reimburse for all associated expenses.

Please get in touch if you are interesting in sharing your experiences with high school students.